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Zombie Maul

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Our hero is out to start his own zombie apocalypse and what better place to do so but at his local mall.
Brief Play Description: 

You are constantly hungry for live human organs, primarily the brain if the donor has one. You are always moving forward, but you can control his direction with the 'a' or left arrow and the 'd' or right arrow. Try and satisfy your hunger and create your zombie horde. Watch out for the mall police, they don't take kindly to zombies starting the apocalypse. Also, don't run into your own, because their organs aren't the freshest to feast on. Try to infect as many humans as possible before your time runs out.

'a' or left arrow
'd' or right arrow

Run into living humans to feast on them and make them part of your ranks to gain points. Avoid Mall cops and other zombies as that will run down your time faster.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Programmers: Ren Davis - Lead Zombie Killer, Kelsey Ishmael - Lead Realm Keeper, Wade Shwallon - Lead Quantum Physicist, Andy Madruga - Lead Cyborg Engineer, Charlie Prouse - Lead Master of Space and Time, Roger Prouse - Lead President of the 22 and a half Century; Artists: Stacey Miller - Leading Leader of Supervisor of Supervising of Leads, Jesse Williams - Lead Maker of Magic and Science; Audio: Jesse Williams - Lead Skeptic of Magic and Science;
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