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We're finished!

Stephen Knightly

Well, after a long exhausting 48 hours we are done. The first timezone to begin, and the first to finish - it seems odd to be going home to relax (and sleep!) when so many others around the world are still going.

27 Jammers published 6 games in 48 Hours, around the theme "Deception" with the constraint of including at least one cake, lake or snake.
Here are the games we made: http://www.globalgamejam.org/sites/auckland-game-developers-meetup/games
'Cakewalk' was voted the audience favourite game, and is certainly very deceptive.

Day Two in Auckland

Stephen Knightly

For Day Two, we created a montage of what's going on.

Due to music rights, imagine it with the "Montage" song from Team America as the soundtrack instead. ;-)

Video of Day 1 in Timezone 1

Stephen Knightly

Here's a YouTube video of highlights of the first evening of the Game Jam, from Auckland, New Zealand. We're the first timezone to kick off the Jam which is very exciting.

Auckland is Full!

Stephen Knightly

After a late surge in registrations we have over 25 people registered - but only 22 computers provided to use. However, you can still register if you bring your own laptop (and extension cord) - we'll have desks and wireless internet available.

One Week Countdown

Stephen Knightly

The Global Game Jam is less than a week away. And since we're the closest country to the International Dateline, New Zealand gets to start first! That's us in Auckland, plus Hamilton and Dunedin.

We've just posted FAQ about the logisitics of the event in Auckland here: http://playmaker.org.nz/group/global-game-jam-2010-nz/forum/faq-about-au...

We have 18 registrations so far, bu 25 PCs available to use - so we have room for a few more people.

Auckland Game Jam underway

Stephen Knightly

Here's a progress report for Game Jammers in Auckland:

  • We've set up a Group and Forums over at www.playmaker.org.nz in the lead-up to the event
  • The Media Design School has confirmed as our venue - nice and central with good IT support
  • PC World magazine have said they're interested in publishing a selection of the games on their coverdisk later in 2010. Enter the Game Jam and get published!

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