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Crytek CEO, Cevat Yerli giving keynote for GGJ Turkey

Ferhan Ozkan

It is our pleasure to announce that Cevat Yerli, Crytek CEO, will be giving video keynote speech for GGJ 2010 Turkey during our opening ceremony. Last year, Don Daglow, CEO of Stormfront Studios, was the keynote speaker.

This year, Cevat Yerli will mention his passion for game development starting from his childhood. Also, the audience will have the chance to take his suggestions about the game design process and what should be the motivation behind.

For those who are interested, the video of the speech will be available in GGJ Turkey website very soon.
Ferhan OZKAN

138 Jammer Applications to METUTECH-ATOM, TURKEY till now...

Ferhan Ozkan

Hi to all jammers,

I am proud to announce that as METUTECH-ATOM, we have received 138 applications from Turkey till now which means nearly every one of 8 GGJ applications have been made to METUTECH-ATOM, Turkey.

The interest is really huge although 2 days left to the deadline of our local jammer application.
I will give you more details in the next few days about our local jam arrangements.

Ferhan OZKAN

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