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Wohoo, game is ready!!


Yey, game is ready!

It's fun to play, eats you alive and you'll die inside the colon of bazillion zombies. Too bad we didn't have a real gfx artist, so the graphics are made by our designer & coders. Music is awesome though, and sound effects are even better!

Hope you'll enjoy Play dead II: Growling of the dead. Search it in games-list and play on website (not yet up, but in the next hour it will be) or download to your pc. You need microphone btw.

Inverse kinematics for the win!


Hey dudes! We just got our first animation finished of a walking zombie and it looks AWESOME! Also, the name for our game is now known: Play Dead 2: Growling of the Dead

The purpose of the game is to survive as a last human on earth the evergrowing army of RAB.. zombies. How it is done will stay in secret for now, but it's something totally new (in zombiegenre) and according to our first gametests with innocent victims it really works and is fun.

Game is underway... And it will be the best game in the whole known universe without a doubt!


Game construction has began, the game will have someone who does something in an enviroment somewhere. It will be made with flash and microphone plays a huge role in it.

Oh, and it has zombies, lots of em :)

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