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Wounded, but not dead


Well the Overland Park jam took a heavy blow, but we're not out. I must admit to having failed to advertise like I should. Part of them problem also is that I didn't pay enough attention to JCCC's class schedule. I thought I would have two full weeks to harass*coughs* I mean advertise to my students. I had one. Still I did end up with one student who was game enough to try this with me, so try we shall. I think our concept is going to work out well, and I fee confident that this is going to end well.

Trial by fire...


Having never organized a game jam before, this indeed will be a Trial by Fire. To make things even more fun I'm undergoing my performance review right now to determine if I get my continuing contract or not. But there's just no way I'm not doing this, so it's time to charge into the fray!

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