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We attended GameJam this year and want to put our game up for download but we are running to a few snags which is making this not possible.

We are trying to get this XNA game up in a way that the source code is not accessible as we have used a version of our own engine in making it. Does anyone know how to publish an XNA game without giving access to the source code. Has anyone done this successfully?


Post all Code Minus Engine?

I'm pretty sure the rules of the GGJ are that you're supposed to upload all materials produced at the jam. If that means your "engine" was developed outside the jam, you need not upload it. Just upload all the other source related to the game. You can post a windows executable... Or put the game up on XNA Community / Indie Games and post a link to it. Those are my suggestions. Check out the thing you agreed to:


"All works and games at the game jam fall under the Creative Commons AAttribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported"
"All participants of the Global Game Jam will allow their game to be archived on the Global Game Jam website in the form it was submitted at the end of the game jam on Januray 31st, 2010. Participants may ask to have an update of their game posted with notice of version information."


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