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My Game Jam Photo Album


Thought I posted this earlier, but maybe I didn't...

Here's my album from GAME JAM 2010. Check it out and let me know what you think.

I know I'm tooting my own horn here, but I put a lot of work into it!




Ah ok. I figured it was "saving a few bucks" or "complete lack of common sense or foresight".


There are no payments


GGJ doesn't have any kind of financial arrangement with Jam Sites. They sign up on their own, and some charge their jammers to cover their own costs. This might be why it is difficult to enforce standards. I'm sure we can do more to prevent situations like this.






I don't so much blame the guy who was there, but rather the person who assigned the guy to be there. I get the feeling it was just kind of thrown on his lap without him having much of a say in the matter. I could be wrong tho.

And yea, double-booking with those people there for... whatever it was they were there for [not a b-day party, but there was food there] was a giant slap in the face.

I'm guessing whatever GGJ was paying to have their event at certain locations, PAAC was willing to do it for less. Or something like that. Saving a few bucks is the only reason why it would be held there.



I am completely floored and had no idea. Thanks for letting us no, because this is not what we want to happen. I will follow up and am so sorry. Great creative piece.


Wow, it sounds like you guys were short-changed

There should have been more accommodation by the local organizers. It's not unusual to have no computers available, but organizers are supposed to tell people what they need. And double-booking the room is a bad idea.

Thanks for sticking with it and turning in a game anyway.


It wasn't so much the lack of

It wasn't so much the lack of any real event that bugged me. It was the fact it was totally misrepresented to us. The person in charge was just downright irresponsible (he left the place in charge to a 16 year old EX employee, who happened to be a participant). Guests were constantly coming in, including a BIRTHDAY PARTY, right next to us, who also proceeded to disconnect one of our team mates' machines.

The last day, he left the 16 year old in charge again (who was quite annoying, and insisted on blaring music as loudly as possible at all hours of the day) to go to a Capitols game, and never returned.

It was loud as hell, difficult to concentrate, and the whole thing looked like it was tossed together just for the hell of it.


Actually that's not true: we

Actually that's not true: we would have missed out on the freezing cold showroom floor, the crappy chairs and tables, and the uninvited guests who came in and got in the way.

We still had a fun time, but honestly, GGJ people: what made you think this was a good place to host an event?!


It may have been sometime

It may have been sometime around noon on Sunday, when we realized that no one from Game Jam was coming and that we could have done this whole thing at my house and had the same experience.



So... about what time did you guys completely lose it?


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