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To Whoever picked the GGJ locations in Maryland


You are one clever cat.

Initially I, along with the other dozen people, were pretty shocked at your decision to approve the Pyramid Atlantic Arts Center as a suitable location for the GGJ, but it all makes sense to me now.

The theme was 'deception', and here all of us were deceived into thinking we were going somewhere that had computers, on-site security, development tools, and generally complied with your list of what was required to host a location. We even thought there was going to be a presentation at the end, as mentioned on the site's schedule!

Well played, monsieur. Well played.

Pyramid ATlantic

Thanks for the Feedback Adam

Adam, thanks for the feedback on your game jam experience at Pyramid. Yep, it was our first time through the gauntlet and boy, do we have room for growth. You are such a creative guy and I think your input and thoughts would help us improve and make our site one of the best in Maryland as we grow. I would be very interested in meeting with you at your earliest convenience to discuss your suggestions for growth. You have a really great team and was really impressed with your professionalism and abilities. You have a bright future ahead of you. Feel free to email me jdominguezatpyramid-atlantic [dot] org or call me on my cell at 301-646-2778.
Peace, Jose


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