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Having re-registered, enter our hero, Stage Left


Ok, so I learned my lesson fellow jammers. Don't create an account and let it lie fallow while waiting for organizational approval. It might be thought to be SPAM. :-)

Now I can get to work on updating the RVCC (Raritan Valley Community College, North Branch, NJ) jam site.

This should be a really rich area for jammers. To our north there is the Bloomfield College site and to our southwest, the Camden Country College site. Add things going on in NYC and Philly and there is a lot within a two hour radius.

As of right now, the college is letting us keep our labs open for the duration of the event. I do not expect that to change. We are finalizing arrangements regarding guest accounts on our network and exploring ways to to manage submission.

If anyone has good suggestions for how to handle turn in (network share as drop box, perhaps?) I would appreciate hearing them.


I'm looking to find this out

I'm looking to find this out as well! It seems like this is a great topic to discuss and I'm looking to see what comes from future research.

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Good advice. Dress Up Games


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