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My VERY LATE game idea - desert bug


At 2 hours 15 minutes and 40 seconds there is the only recorded incident of bug hitting a windscreen in the amazing game "Desert Bus" from the unofficially unreleased Sega CD title "Smoke and Mirrors" by Penn and Teller. See:

and http://waxy.org/2006/02/penn_tellers_sm/

So here's the idea. I make the bug's version of the game. Staying on the road for nearly 5 hours waiting for the bus to pass and end your existence...

Here are my reference images:

http://www.meatfighter.com/j4k2009/desertbus/ provides a java based emulator of Desert Bus without the HUD (sic) that provided images to be used as the background for our game.

http://images.royalsreview.com/images/admin/desert_bus.bmp showing the splatted bug
http://moblog.net/media/r/i/c/rich/penn-tellers-desert-bus.jpg with the Penn&Teller intro
http://moblog.net/media/r/i/c/rich/penn-tellers-desert-bus-2.jpg pre-splatter
http://waxy.org/random/images/desert_bus/vegas_ending2.jpg the driver ending screen

Starting coding now...


Place holder created


This is a placeholder really, done in an hour at the very end of the event. It will get better!


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