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Where GGJ Can Lead: TIPOL to Tipoli


A Global Game Jam dream come true? It was for me...

February of this year I was a stressed out senior studying Interactive Multimedia Design and beating my hectic, thesis-scrambled schedule into submission to attend the Jam at RPI in Albany, NY. The next 48 hours were chaos, complete with a fever ridden programmer, multiple ego clashes, and a stumbling infancy in the development world of Unity. Our prompt, "As long as we have each other we'll never run out of problems," was way more meta than intended, but as we worked I started realizing that our little physics concept wasn't your run of the mill game. Somewhere in the swirling time vortex of the jam, our desperate designer fingers had struck on a genuinely unique mechanic. We took our award for "Best Tech" and went home, but we weren't finished with our two bouncing balls.

Richard Hough and I (Chelsea Howe) decided that with a bit (which turned into a ton) of elbow grease, we could really make something out of TIPOL - The Illusory Persistence of LOVE. We started with an independent study project, rewriting the code and bolstering the content. We showed it off at Cornell's game design showcase, and the day after graduation got a publishing offer from Divide By Zero Games to put it on the iPhone.

Michael Molinari, from the Ringling College of Art and Design, hopped on board to revision TIPOL in 2D after we realized the iPhone couldn't handle TIPOL's cartoony cell shading. We expanded TIPOL's original 6 levels into 61, completed six unique art and music sets, and inserted half a dozen new physics objects for our simple characters to interact with in their endless pursuit of love.

Today, after ten months of toil, I'm happy to announce that Tipoli is available in the iPhone app store for .99 (sale for the first week, normally 1.99!).

It wouldn't have happened without the GGJ, and I can safely say I'll be an avid participant and supporter indefinitely. I want to send my sincerest thanks out to everyone who made the jam possible and especially the cool cats proctoring at RPI :)

For more information about Tipoli, you can check out our community http://www.playhaven.com/platforms/iphone/games/tipoli/ or head straight to the app store and give us a look! http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tipoli/id336448041?mt=8


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