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Anatomy of a simple Local Jam website


We recently put up our webpage for the UC Santa Cruz Game Jam. It occurred to me that some locations don't have websites yet or it may look too cumbersome to make one now, especially with the event only 28 days away. I think having a site is essential and I don't think there's much to it, especially if you're using globalgamjam.org for registration. This is what we are doing at Santa Cruz. Having a site is an important publicity tool and will remain valuable even after the Jam ends.

The site doesn't need to be fancy at all, just provide the basic information. In my view a Local Jam site needs these elements:

  • "What is GGJ?"
  • "How to sign up?" (for us, it's pretty much just a link to the GGJ website with some instructions: http://ggj.soe.ucsc.edu/node/18 ). It's important to put local rules and limitations here, including any costs
  • "Logistics": Directions and facilities, meal options, sleeping arrangements, etc. It's important to note that people are free to leave the facility during the Jam.
  • "Schedule" including any talks or training you may be holding before the Jam. A crash course in one game development system is a good idea if you anticipate a lot of novices. Note that we are having a new deadline this year which is around Saturday at 11AM. This is the time where every Jammer needs to be registered by and every Game project needs to have started a page at the GGJ website. We'll send more info about this to the organizers soon.
  • Contact info, local sponsors, publicity material. That last one is very valuable in low budget operations like us. We have our PDF poster linked, so people can download, print and put them up around their own area.

Let me know if I missed anything!


Looks Good Ryan

Good luck in Manila!


manila game jam website

thanks foaad, used this as a template to cook up our own little blog/website:



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