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KrakJam 2010 beta

Hubert Rutkowski

This is the first time Poland is participating in GGJ, and it's my first time as an organizer of such an event. My oh my, I can tell you that organizing jam is much more work than I anticipated!

Since we're having jam on our university, AGH, it took a while untill I found some organizations to help me (Mediaframe, WRSS of my faculty) and it took even longer before we finally got the permissions to use lecture room over the weekend. Also, I had to create website www.krakjam.pl on my own, do marketing by spaming about KJ all over the internet ;) which is very time consuming, find people who would help me with very specific tasks etc.

So officialy we started rather late, exactly a week ago :) yet week before official start we have already 20 people registered (out of 32 max this year... guess what will be the number of participants at KJ 2011? obviously 64 ^^) and I'm rather calm about attendence. Also today we found a sponsor for our little jam, which is Ganymede - Krakow online game developer, who's also going to make a presentation about social games, before a jam. Yay!

On top of that, today (true, things are happening very quickly) we had a short meeting with participants, tested our network connection and other hardware. There's a chance that we're have pro photographers, some people from gaming press, and maybe even a local television will come by to see what we're doing.

Yeah, I'm very excited to be part of GGJ :)


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