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We just finished or game!
I barely slept last night, and my teammate, Charles, probably had a hard time making those graphics, which now looks totally different from his original design, especially with all the corners that I cut.

It's unfortunate that I have to code off-site. I actually wanted to stay and do my work there but I don't have a laptop, and I'm having some problems with setting up in the ITTC's computers.

Hopefully next year, I'll code on-site, even if that means that I need to buy an expensive laptop!

Oh no! The deadline!


It's already sunday afternoon!

I really need to at least make my game NOT confusing.

*sigh* Well, this is our first GGJ. I just hope that this game is not that much of a fail.
Oh well...

EDIT: We just finished our game, yay!~

Found a teammate!


Ok, I already found an artist/programmer.
The game have some slight UI changes, but so far no big changes.

I'm off to coding then.

Change of plans


While I was trying to sleep, I suddenly thought of a revision for my game idea.

It still features a clock that you have to stop (and other items that I'm not allowed to disclose), but instead of a top-down 2d puzzle game, it became a simple point-and-click game. It drastically simplified the gameplay, and hopefully, the coding.

I'm still going to need an artist though. Well, ok, I can do the graphics myself, but it won't be pretty.

Gumagawa na ng game


So far, one-man-team ako.

May ginawa na akong game design, at may general idea na ako sa kung paano to gagawin. Very basic lang, at gumagamit lang ng Java Standard Library.

Kung may interasado na sumali sa game na ginagawa ko, I need either a 2d artist or an extra programmer.

Yung 2d art, very basic lang, kaunting sprites lang gagawin natin.
Pero warning sa programming: hindi ako mahilig gumawa ng documentation, at gumagamit ako ng Allman style indentation.

Kung gusto nyo, hanapin nalang ako bukas sa ITTC.

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