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Go, Fat Hamster, Go! -- Project Hamster is FINISHED and UPLOADED!

Jordan White

Our game is done! Check it out here:


Here is the background story that we could not upload in a read-me in time, just for your pleasure:

Our Story Begins...

Fat "Lucky" Hamster is a normal, happy-go-lucky rodent, living in the Meadow Shire. The Meadow Shire was once a happy land that was filled with carrots as far as the eyes could see. But because of recent farming needs, all the land was reused for the planting of Apple and Orange trees. This was a sad day for Lucky Hamster, because a steady diet of carrots keeps him healthy and thin, never mind how delicious they are to eat!

Over the years, Lucky Hamster had to binge on scavenged food from teenage hippies fornicating in the Meadow Shire, as he was unable to eat the Apples or the Oranges that invaded his homeland. Over time, he earned his new title as "Fat Hamster", and grew ten times his original size! But even with the steady diet of Mountain Dew Fusion and Cheetoes, he could never satisfy his own hunger.

But then...something crept into his burrow. A old friend that has not visited him in a long, long time....

Could it be? The smell...of a carrot!

Unable to use his legs, Fat Hamster rolls out of his burrow in search for his long lost food....the Apple and Orange trees are not too happy with him however...


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