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Project Hamster -- 1:16am EST

Jordan White

Production Update!

Programming: We have approved concept of physic simulation. Programmer is just heading out now form his collage to join us in person.

Background Artist: Background Artist working at steady pace, has a couple of backgrounds drawn and colored. Doing very good job.

Object Artist: Hamster is finished as well as a few other environmental objects. Working on falling fruit.

Concept Artist: Managing team while doing sound. Approved new idea that the hamster is a round, physics based object.

Audio (Me): Recorded 18 sounds in 16 bit .wav format. Running, wind, hitting, falling and grumbling sounds completed. Next thing to work on is character sounds, lightning, fire and other sounds. All sounds done organically through my own body.

We are going to take a lunch break in at 1:30pm. Team doing fantastic job!

-- Jordan White


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