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The first real screenshot


Finally I am able to show up the first real screenshot of the game, without any "programmer's art" lying around :-)

This screenshot is the first of the many rooms that composes the game. Probably you will recognize the highlighted area at the foot of the monkey that is guarding the only door out of that door. This zone is the area that the monkey can see you and if you step over that zone, even if it just a little, the monkey will report you and the game is over (actually, the game is not over. It just resets the the same room again.)

Since going around in stealth mode is not the main theme of this year's Global Game Jam. Where is the "deceiving" part? Well, not all the rooms are as easy as the first one. For instance, the third room has the exit door rigorously watched over by a pair of monkeys that take turns to patrol around the room, but most of the time are together just waiting for someone to try to break in. Or out. In that case, the only chance you have is to deceive the monkeys into believing that there's someone just at the other part of the room. Obviously, the further part from where you stand.

As seen in the screenshot, there are still some textures that aren't made yet and are shown in white. The graphic designer is working around the clock to made then into the roughly four hours time limit.

Sneaking Banana-3.png
Sneaking Banana-3.png1.1 MB


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