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Graphics on their way


We are using Ogre3D to create the game, as I stated on a previous entry, and our graphics asserts are, as I am writing this, being made in 3D Studio Max by our talented (and later joiner) Odin. But, our game won't use the full 3D capability that Ogre3D offers to us: we are going to pre-render the 3D models and use them as sprites.

The reason of such decision is that we though, on Friday when we started to think about all this madness, that we would be better of by using pre-rendered images because it would easier the "exportation" and then usage within Ogre3D. For instance, I only remember using bones to animate models but the graphic artist didn't specially like the idea.

We've been playing during the past ~36 hours with the incredibly known and common "programmer art", also known as "crap little box that bounces around the screen". Of course, this is necessary in order to continue development while waiting for the never-ending process of creating, modeling, and rendering the beautiful images that, once finished, will wow the audience (we hope!)

I am now watching Oding finishing the animations of our "mad scientist" character that, for some unknown and truly evil purposes, decided to lock up poor monkeys during some probably-not-less-evil experiments. We also have a model of the monkey ready to animate and render.

On the programming side, things are going as I expected to be. Ogre3D is a huge beast and I lack the mental ability to understand all that happens in the inside of such a Behemoth. But, we already have a crude and basic game play where we can, at last, lose. A game is not a game until you start to lose against your own creation, even if it is only on testing purposes :-)

This night I guess will be an all-night and tomorrow will be a hard day, for sure. But, thanks the Flying Spaghetti Monster I have tons of Coca-Cola by my side.


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