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A Man down!


As it turns out, our main graphic designer got a Gastroenteritis and so will, probably, be unable to participate the whole event. Oops!

Fortunately, Odin was able to join our team as the new graphic designer and so we will probably have something playable at the end of the day (I hope, I hope.) The original idea was for Samuel and Odin to work together in the graphic department while Cris and I were working on the code side. We'll see how the things go.

If you thought about sound and music, though luck. None.

Beware of the patrolling guards


Ah... guards. Those nice and sometimes kind people that keep us safe at night. But when the guards are some crazy monkeys bloodthirsty of revenge they ain't nice any longer. So we'll try to avoid them as much as possible ;-)

For now, avoiding the guards is the easiest thing in the world: they just wander around following a predefined path completely blindfolded, as it were.

Open Source libraries help yet again


I had a problem with OgreBullet library that would step on an assert which had a single and very cryptic and, I am rather sad to say, unhelpful expression: 0.

Little Progress, but still keeping on going


My teammates are already sleeping and we believe that we made some progress today, although not what we had expected.

First of all, we had to set up our environment. Since we are two programmers working on this projects, we had to create the repository to share code. We decided to use Subversion instead of the shinny new distributed version control (which I start to like, specially Mercurial, although, for now, git's branch control is second to no one) because my fellow programmer was used to it and when I mentioned using a DVCS I just got a blank stare. Kinda expected, actually.

Quick poll: How many of you use a DVCS such as Mercurial or git (or Baazar, &c. You get the point)?

Sneaking Banana


I didn't even know we had a blog available to us :-)

Anyway, after listening tons of ideas from our rather creative fellow jammers here in the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, we have decided on a game idea. And also important, we have a name for it: Sneaking Bananas. Sounds silly? That's because it is, I suppose :-P

As probably many of you, we have some discussions within the team about the gameplay mechanics. Apparently, the deception theme didn't spark an stream of ideas. Don't know why, thought. But at the end we decided to make an stealth game.

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