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The Global Game Jam: Mmm... What flavor?


The Global Game Jelly 2009 was an awesome, delicious 48-hour, insomniac's dream. This year's will be even more delicious.

Last year, the Global Game Jam was an amazing experience. 48-hours seems like a decent amount of time, but when you're caught in the moment, you end up wishing for an extra hour or two to put some polish on your game, to make some non-working thing work, or just to make your game playable...

Those new to it, get ready for awesome. Those veteran to it (now where did I put my T-Shirt?), probably will be able to do some really great stuff this time around.

I look forward to working with whoever I end up teaming up with... Let's see what we can pull off...

Good luck, have fun! And wish me luck in finding my GGJ '09 T-Shirt... Not that I was planning on wearing it tomorrow...


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