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Global Game Jam will get people out of the grey zone


Today I went on a bit of a quest looking for potential organizations to get excited about global game jam. Not many people know about this event.

One office I went to, a major multimedia company, had no receptionist, no directory, just a locked glass door. Through the locked glass wall, I could see posters of vision statements, and goals. What was missing was a place for customers or people in my case wanting to talk about global game jam. Beside a small phone, was a big sign saying "no solicitors" and an automated voice system that told me to call a reseller or dial the phone number, which I didn't know, of the person I was calling.

I was trying to look in and see if I could see any signs of life, just saw some cubicles a few offices but no movement. I was thinking what a contrast if I could only get these guys out of there for a weekend in January. Who knows?

I'm going to have a bit of fun, trying to meet different people while planning this event in our venue. At the same time, I'm hoping we can come up with some more ideas for other events and connections after the game jam. I want to see a growing creative community, or is it maybe time for a creative revolution?

Hope you're all having fun with your planning, here's to blogging!


I was like my two people

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Good advice. Dress Up Games


We kicked around the idea of "other events"

we can have throughout the year. "Virtual Game Jam" is one, where people can collaborate remotely, rather than having to be in the same building, like GGJ. But yea, I feel what you're saying. There is no substitute for face to face interaction.

You can always organize jams or mini-Jams at your site, one you get going. Last time there was a location from Michigan that only had their building for one day. So they did a 24hour Jam, while everyone else did 48 hours.


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