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Global Game Jam Miami Done


Miami University Global Game Jam pictures are up for Friday and Saturday. Saturday night and Sunday pictures are forthcoming. Had a great time with some great participants. Die hard designers, coders, musicians - etc. We are all in need of some serious sleep, but from late night Chinese food to orange flavored coffee we all had a great time. Best in show - Spaniard in Space. Great technical design, Ellobro, great overall design (5 levels and 4 game mechanics and very nice looking tile sets!) - Dino Quixote, a game that uses a Microphone as it's key input - Alien Seduction and RTS about the balance of power through Deception - project boondoggle. Well done everyone - see you at the next jam if not at GDC!


Miami University Game Jam ParticipantsMiami University Game Jam Participants


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