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Monday (the day after)


It's now Monday, a day after the Global Game Jam. The reality of what happened has sunk in and allowed me to post my thoughts.

We got our game up (such as it is). It can be downloaded at the official page.

We could (conceivably) of gotten the whole "redirecting arrows" gameplay mechanic into the game if we had remembered that the "3D cubes" thing wasn't anywhere near as important. Technically I kinda did remember (I wrote that programmer TODO list from Saturday morning that I mentioned in my last blog entry) and then I promptly forgot to check on it periodically. Oops.

So, what have we learned?

  1. Be willing to take a back seat sometimes.
  2. Always get everyone's MOST RELIABLE contact info at the very beginning of a project.
  3. Always make sure your programmers are implementing stuff in the order they really need to be implemented.
  4. "Essential" features are the features that make the game a GAME, nothing more. Score, win/lose conditions, asset inclusion, that's it.
  5. Make sure you personally get backups of EVERYTHING everyone made once the game "ships".
  6. If you're a programmer, know your limits, and always get consent so you the programmer don't implement something fancy that may needlessly make your code (and your life) more complicated.
  7. Never make a complex game-changing feature the sole responsibility of anyone other than your lead programmer. That's their job. If your lead programmer accepts the need for the feature AND agrees on its importance but doesn't want to be the one to implement that feature, re-evaluate the need for either the feature (preferred) or that lead programmer.
  8. Always keep your asset (art/sound/voice) guys busy, even if that means having them make assets for features that are desirable but aren't up for implementation yet. Be careful though, or you could accidentally prompt the programmers to implement something before its time.
  9. Path-finding AI is not something easily built in less than 48hrs.


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