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Good luck from Mixamo!


Hi Global Game Jam contestants!

Thanks for using our site, Mixamo, for your 3D motions needs during your game creation. We've compiled a longer how-to video for those of you still in need of more animations and who haven't checked out our site before. We hope you like it!

Mixamo.com: In-kind sponsor for this year's Global Game Jam


Hello Global Game Jam competitors!

We're Mixamo, an innovative 3D character animation service for artists and game developers that drastically speeds up the time it takes to create high quality character motion. We're very excited to be in-kind sponsors for this year's Global Game Jam. We are going to offer 3 free motions (valued at ~$400) to all registered participants to use during the event, so check out our site today! It's fun and free to sign up. And here's our welcome video to everyone.


The Mixamo Team

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