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Global Game Jam 2010 - Berlin


Now that I had a quick walk in the fresh air, I wear dry new socks and I had breakfast I can write our teams first Blog entry. We don't have a Team or Game name yet but progress is looking pretty good so far.

The first 21 Hours are almost over and we have quite some impressing results thanks to the experience both our programmers have and the good communication in the team.

We can already move our objects, dash and even have vibration on the 360 controllers. Were still not completely sure about the visual style were going to take but Gameplay comes first. I still struggle with "deception" as a core mechanic and hope ill get my head around it in time, otherwise its going to be a very fun action game for 4 players.I hope I can post about our results in some hours.

Thanks to the Team up front, its challenging and absolutely fun to work together with you. already learned more about the design process and working in groups.


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