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"Vile Haberdashery" iPhone game released!


The iPhone game we created for the Global Game Jam been accepted by the App Store, and is now available for purchase!

"Vile Haberdashery" is a nasty, disreputable little multiplayer game where players are cast as noble siblings vying for a great haberdashery fortune. Through blackmail, flattery, intimidation, and a little eavesdropping, you can coerce your subordinates into murdering the other would-be heirs. Can you get the doctor to kill your sister with the garden shears? Or will your brother get the stable boy to poison you with rat poison? Who will walk home with the inheritance?

Here's the web site for the game: http://barkingdoginteractive.com/vile_haberdashery/

Here's the App Store link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id353941606?mt=8

Let us know what you think!


That is soo cool. Actually

That is soo cool.

Actually we were close to adding an achievement that would be granted, if you could get your game out on the commercial markets before the end of the jam :-). You are the closest one yet, I think


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