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It's over. I'm beat


It's is 8:55 pm and I'm finally home from the venue.

The Manila Game Jam 2010 is officially over.

While this was at the last few hours a very tiring experiment, I am very glad to be part of it.

Since I never got a chance to make a speech and stuff, and I totally am in the mood to do it since nobody can see me, I shall.

I would like to thank my groupmates, Dino and Ryan, who without them this game would not be possible.

Day 3- No really..we're done?


After supplying the programmer with Snickers, Coke Zero, and an action figure with huge boobs, he was able to port our game to Game Maker 8 and finish it.

I woke up this morning to try it out myself...of course, it's still buggy (I managed to win the game due to some bug that he has no idea how I did...neither do I actually XD) but otherwise it's finished and we can pretty it up later.

....Well, we already knew the project was simple enough so it was possible...I'm just still surprised myself.

Day 2 Part 2- We are pulling an all-nighter


Porting game to GameMaker because Java's animation doesn't work too well with us...or we could not figure it out.

Art assets done..just have to do the animation...

Fixing layout.

This is fun, but I know I am going to go insane.

Day 2


Just posted our game project a few minutes ago.

It's been on the front page for longer than I hoped. Cool. 15-20 MINUTES OF FAME!

Day 1- Here we go


Testing out the summary feature.

This post contains random blahs by me. You are free to not read it.

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