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It's over. I'm beat


It's is 8:55 pm and I'm finally home from the venue.

The Manila Game Jam 2010 is officially over.

While this was at the last few hours a very tiring experiment, I am very glad to be part of it.

Since I never got a chance to make a speech and stuff, and I totally am in the mood to do it since nobody can see me, I shall.

I would like to thank my groupmates, Dino and Ryan, who without them this game would not be possible.

Thanks to IGDA Manila and all the sponsors (who we are never tired to thank...This is the first time in my life I had free food for 2 days straight that was not at home. You guys made our life so much easier. I also have a new t-shirt and a flash disk.)

It was nice to meet so many people dedicated to making games out of the blue, and I hope that Manila joins again next year. Hopefully, I will be there...(and have some guts to sleep over too)

My dog is whining now. I need to go.


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