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Postmortem: ViralFire (and on GGJ Ankara)


Işık Barış Fidaner

On Friday night, we were five people randomly assembled to talk. On Saturday morning, we became the game development team Parazit, as if we have been working for years. On Sunday morning, we were making the last retouching on our first project ViralFire. On Sunday evening, having lived through that intensive hours, we had become people just sitting in a conference room staring at the colorful images revolving on the curtain… All of these happened in only one of the 16 parallel universes in Global Game Jam 2010 Ankara, which was the second occurrence in Turkey and in the world.

Throughout the event, the groups were so immersed in the worlds of their own creation that the desks where those galaxies were produced became separated deep like a cliff. The greatest exception that broke this rule (or made it more visible) was of course the audio-music group that were trying to found the atmospheres in all the games. However, so they were entrapped in a dimension between universes, and they could not set foot on any of the game worlds, thus being left out, being the dispossessed of GGJ.

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