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Team HAPPY SUPER! Diary: Entry 2 (30/01/2010, 09:54)


Here’s the update on our project…

So far, me and David have made some good assets for the game, and some of them are being placed into a game; while Tom fought through lots of code to get many mechanics working, from collision and timer, to some animation of sprites. And Kelvin has made a draft for the game’s back-story and he is now – working with David – to get the audio done for the game.

The game’s getting together as expected, but I believe it will get challenging nevertheless as our team reaches to a climax of the Jam event. But at least I can’t wait until we get to test out the gameplay (QA) of our game and make some interesting improvements for it.

There will be more updates from us, so until then, keep watching us as we may create a quite successful game soon! Who knows what will happen before then!

See you guys later! ;)

Stuart Thomas (PlatformerSMT)

Working with Tom Miller (LordMigit), David Treharne (xG ZackFair) and Kelvin Ferris (McMuffinMan)


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