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First night behind



The first evening and night of furious coding is now behind and I'm starting to appreciate external libraries. Doing everything from scratch is not a good idea, even if your game is going to be very simple. Been cursing myself of not doing any tweening engine for silverlight. And no, storyboards are not the answer, those are too clumsy to use when one does most of the stuff with code.

So far the game is pushing forward with faster than I anticipated. Game mechanics have been locked into place and on paper the game idea seems fabulous! I've done some tests on the gameplay mechanics and have now working prototype. The code starts to look like a big mess though ;D Lots of events firing from different directions, when it's traversing complete, scaling complete, download complete or just plain old pause-event.

At the moment my biggest problem seems to be with event bubbling. For some reason my event won't reach outmost grid, even though I don't catch it beforehand. Weird. Mmm..so good apple slices. Time to code moar now. And maybe after breakfast, I'll take few hour powernap.


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