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Day 3 in Manila!


It's 11:07 am, Sunday. The teams here are working hard in deep, focused silence. Some are done and preparing to upload their projects; others are desperately trying to finish on time. I just went and wrote the upload instructions on a big whiteboard in front of the room, which led to some huddling and murmuring. Most of them ignored me and continued pounding away on their keyboards ;)

Which is all well and good - I'm making it a point to stay out of everyone's way today. I sure as hell wouldn't want to be disturbed when trying to beat a deadline! And most of them haven't slept a wink - they refuse, until it's done. One team finished early, and instead of sleeping they discussed how they could put more story and cutscenes into their game. That's dedication.

Strangely enough, I'm also not taking a peek at the game projects; I want to be pleasantly surprised when the teams start presenting later today. The closing ceremonies are a big event - we've got sponsors, press, prizes, and free food for all. I can't wait!


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