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Manila Game Jam is on!


I'm at the Manila Game Jam at UP ITTC. It's 6:12 pm, Friday. There are 21 registered participants, with more coming in, and already people are deep in discussion on how to follow the official theme.

When I first heard the theme, my first reaction was, "Well, shit, I wish I were joining!" As part of the IGDA Manila board and the official "emcee", my job is to keep things running while not interfering with anyone else's creative process. But the designer in me is already thinking of ways to prototype the theme! Graaaaaaah.

Kudos to whoever thought of the theme and restrictions, though - brilliant. And the official GGJ keynote was spectacular. (Our local talk by Paul Gadi was amazing as well - we'll find a way to post that up.)

(Notice I am not mentioning the actual theme anywhere, since our time zone is ahead of most of you.)

To our participants: good luck! I'm looking forward to seeing your games :)


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