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Rene Derks

Happy that it's over. But it's sad that we need to quit. The playable is well, playable, and people have been having fun with our game for over an hour now. The main mechanic: "who is the mole?" is up and running and is proven in gameplay. So. I'm proud. Definately. signing off...

Getting late again...

Rene Derks

And the game is coming along nicely. Still more than 12 hours left, and we got some fun on our hands... The question now is: what is "Wie is de Mol?" in english?

Who is the Mole?

Now It's On!!

Rene Derks

Just a little bit more than half a day left, and some of it will have to be spent sleeping :/ Luckily, we're definately heading the right direction. We hope to have a solid playtest around midnight, giving us some time to polish from there on...

So now there is one thing on all our minds: Focus dude! Focus!!

Good morning Sunshine!

Rene Derks

Slept for a solid 4 hours. Woke up, had our coffee and banana, and some delicious dutch Hagelslag. Now back to work, a new feature is ready every half our. Loving subversion. Drawing backgrounds, pixeling the main characters, choosing potential audio samples, listening to music, and putting the first scene together...

All the while looking out on a sunny patch of snow ^_^

Time to go to bed...

Rene Derks

How 'bout you guys? ...

Syntax Error Online

Rene Derks

Syntax Error, the Holland-based team is on the road. Started the project, got the concept, played some indoor soccer, had some more ideas, got our tech up and running, and are ready to start building. Ah damn, this is gonna be one awesome weekend. Keep your eye out for our game:

What the Faql?

It'll be released soon.. real soon..

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