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First build (+ team)



It's not 5pm here in Finland, and things are heating up. We've got our first build (ok, we've had for some time now, but it got distributed to the whole team). There's a green tentacle thing snaking through the particle-scattered background, and it looks cool. Wait til the cool graphics roll in. There's not much sense posting a screenshot at the moment, as it probably won't make much sense, but once we've put in the seedling graphics, we could post some teaser pics.

Also, this great team deserves their 0.15 seconds of internet fame, so pics!


That's Coder-Kosti, solving the great mysteries of Java, in order to bring this game to you.


Here's Olli, making all the cool graphics needed. All 100% lovingly hand-made.


And Timo, scouring the web for cool sound effects and composing the ambient music.


Last and least, me, the producer. To my absolute delight, the guys are already so motivated, talented and hard-working that there's not much for me to do, but help wherever I can. So I've had to branch out into game designer, PR and assistant roles to keep myself busy.

Til next blog entry!


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