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Deceptive weekend is deceptive


long story short: I thought I was going to be doing allot of fun work on a game with a group, Deception: I really sat around all the time watching other people build a game because no one really needed my help :(... my Idea fell down a rather large chute called reality. (make a game on that, bet it will be boring as hell, like my weekend was :P... what I saw was cool at least :?)

Technical difficulties


most of us being students here, we've been working off our student drives, and sharing our work via the local area network and internet...

until just now, the network has been completely down,

Miramichi has started


so a couple hours ago we all split off into teams, and I was rather disappointed to only see a few people from the field show up, and all but one are returning college student it would appear.

1 day


one more day until the Game Jam, this should be fun :)

gotta remember to get LOTS of sleep tonight.

that's right everyone GET LOTS OF SLEEP, you'll need it XD.

I look forwoard to meeting everyone coming to the Jaloo Miramichi location.

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