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Deceptive weekend is deceptive


long story short: I thought I was going to be doing allot of fun work on a game with a group, Deception: I really sat around all the time watching other people build a game because no one really needed my help :(... my Idea fell down a rather large chute called reality. (make a game on that, bet it will be boring as hell, like my weekend was :P... what I saw was cool at least :?)

so this weekend was "fun", and while I'm certain that is was for most, the theme "Deception" played a huge part in it for me; the idea: I'd be able to put what I've learned so far to good use, making a game in 48 hours, the hook; I have no group to work in, the turn around: I can help EVERYONE :D, the deceptive part that turns it into a thrilling horror movie: NO ONE NEEDS MAH HELP... unless you count those three hours I spent helping figure out how to get a character walk along the ground plane, no matter how twisty and curvy the ground was.


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