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Miramichi has started


so a couple hours ago we all split off into teams, and I was rather disappointed to only see a few people from the field show up, and all but one are returning college student it would appear.

long story short, everyone is planning what they intend on doing for their games, everyone that is, but me. Due to size constraints (or the imaginary ones people want to staple themselves to) I've been forced to work alone, and I don't have the experience necessary to do so, unless you just want a quick top down space shooter.

I refuse to drop out however, and still plan on having allot of fun, I just won't have any one game I can staple myself to... allow me to explain;

the theme for this Game Jam is deception, that feels like something that could be hard to do, given some of the constraints, I have discovered a way to disconnect myself from all that by tying myself directly to it... I'm freelancing for everyone (deception: I'm not really working on one project :P) here at the Miramichi location... the only thing I can't do for them is program, but I can help them debug it if they need some help with that

I did up some quick business cards after I realized what situation I was in, and handed them out to everyone that is still here, as many went back to their place of rest for the night, something I won't be doing until everyone has left.

I didn't plan on freelancing, in fact, I had a group I had wedged myself into while they were still forming, the problem was that there were 7 people in the group, 4 artists, 3 programmers, and most of the people wanted to cut back to 4 people max, but no one wanted to leave that group. We all decided that we would be happy with 6 people in the group 3 artists, 3 programmers, and after some debate I opted to leave (having a less specific skill set as I have favored gaining a broader skill set in the 1.5 years I've been training for this in college), thinking I could just find another group to tag into... I was wrong, everyone was happy with the people they have, but I noticed a pattern with all the groups, while they don't have all the skills they need or want in order to bring their ideas completely off the paper and into the game world, they don't lack so much as they need another person to fill that void, it just means that the pressure is on for the most part.

To alleviate this, and given my more broad skill set, that is: some sound design, basic programming, a knack for finding the problems with even programs I don't quite understand... and can help shorten code that is too long, my slightly advanced 3D skills, and particle effects knowledge... can't really explain why, I just love particles, but I do hate the render times in these labs >.>, ability to draw and paint at least half as well as the art students here, etc. I offered to freelance for everyone... don't know if this goes against any specific rules, but the general idea is that I'm helping everyone with anything they need help with, and while this aspect is somewhat new to me, I hope to have fun doing it.. and that is what GGJ is all about right?

so for these first few hours I've jumped in into different groups conversations, figured out what they're doing, and basically tried to help everyone with their ideas, and while some are generic (there are 5 or 6 groups) most of them are some pretty neat ideas and there are a couple totally original ones (in my opinion) too :D (sworn to secrecy, can't even share with the supervisor of this locale). almost everyone has headed home for the night though, with plans on starting early tomorrow and- gotta go myself, just got someone asking for some quick help with something, two heads work better than one, so long as they can work together XD.

... the way I've approached this makes the Miramichi GGJ feel more like a large company, with many projects on the go, and someone helping out all these groups to speed themselves along in any way possible.

seeing as everyone is going to be hard at work, and even though I'm sure woody will be keeping you all informed, I plan on posting whenever I have a free moment, which to be honest, I hope is next to never ALL weekend :P.

quite a few people here seem keen on the "multilingual" achievement, but many didn't quite know how they could do it... I've been carying around some quick sketches showing that pictures speak louder than words :P


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