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"Did You Murder Your Wife!?" Postmortem


WOW! My first Global Game Jam! What an experience. After being locked in a room for 48 hrs with an unlimited supply of technology, pizza and sarcasm we emerged sleepy and brain-dead but had a video game worthy of Global Game Jam! "Did You Murder Your Wife!?" is a 3-D, 3rd person perspective action/stealth game that can be played directly in the browser.

The GGJ link http://globalgamejam.org/2010/did-you-murder-your-wife

Evie Powell: Team Leader, Programmer, Musician
Thomas Phifer: All 3-D art, Models, Animation
Drew Hicks: Programmer, Musician, A.I.
Matt Johnson: Art Direction, 2-D art, textures

We started a little late around 8pm because we were busy building a fort out of tables for our work area, getting equipment and food. Once we had everything we needed we started thinking of ideas for the game. Inspired by our strange sense of humor we decided to make a game about the main character being framed for his wife's murder by a crazy Spaniard. The framing being the deception and the Spaniard being the Spain constraint. We drew all the plans of the models and level out on paper and delegated tasks to each person based on skill. We knew right from the beginning we wanted to make a 3D game using the Unity game engine because of it's superior ease of use and web deployment capabilities.

By 11pm the first night we actually began working on the game. Evie Powell programmed the Game State machine, recorded the original background music on a piano, implemented sound effects and HUD. I modeled and animated the level, characters and objects in Maya and ported them to Unity. Drew Hicks programmed the police officer's A.I., way points etc. and recorded original music on electric guitar. Matt Johnson was the art direction and made the textures for the characters and models and was the singer for our original opening song among other things. None of us slept until 8am on Saturday. We took shifts sleeping about 2 hours at a time on the cot we had.

While the game is up and ready to play we will definitely be improving it for some time.

Check out the game and tell us what you think!

The GGJ link http://globalgamejam.org/2010/did-you-murder-your-wife


-Thomas Phifer


This game is totally awesome.

Nice experience shared!


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