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Order of Harmony: Blog #1 - The "Enjoyability" of Prototyping


Location: University of California: Santa Cruz
Day: Saturday Morning
Hour: 10 of 48
Mood: Dead Exhausted, unlike his Team; whom are FULL of energy!
Disclaimer: My writing and cognitive abilities have diminished greatly by 3AM... So tired...

Registration: 100%
Team Registration: Complete.
Team Photo: Complete.
Game Project Registration: Complete.
Game Project "Screen-shot Art": Complete.

Conceptualization: 100%
Story Concept - Complete.
Character Concept - Complete.
Game Mechanics Concept - Complete.
Level Structure Concept - Complete.

Physical Creation: 20%
Computational Prototype - In-Progress.
Level Design - In-Progress.

Testing: 0.5%
De-Bugging: Forever In-Progress.
Testing: Nothing to test YET.

Storyboarding, Brainwashing, and original "thinking" went smoothly and very well!
We were easily able of fleshing out a very interesting and fun (seeming and hopeful) idea. That we will soon be able to test out in our prototype!
But we had run into some problems with the initial programming of the prototyping, however we are steadily pushing through them! I can't wait to see how it all plays out. These first 10 hours have been great! Here's to hoping the next 38 stay as great!

I hope all your ideas are just as good and progresses are going well.
Tranas, signing out.

Introducing our fantastic team:
William Liew - Artist and Animator
Greg Hagen - Programmer
Jonathan Fotland - Programmer
Zane Mariano - Blogger and Designer


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