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SGJ 2010: And now the real work begins...


It’s 11am on a surprisingly sunny morning in Glasgow and our teams are fresh from their sofa-based snoozes, ready to brave another long day out of the sun and in front of their monitors as we press on with the final hours of day one of the Scottish Game Jam.

Our nine teams of around 40 people are cracking on hard with their projects with bellies full of food and minds completely focused on the job at hand. Codemonkeys are coding, designers designing and artists…arting. As you might have seen in the Generating Graphics post earlier this morning games are already taking graphical shape and developing their own unique visual styles; now most of the work lies in getting the code together to make these graphics more than just pretty faces.

17 hours in, things are really starting to take shape. We might even have some games ready to play by the end of the first day!

Later in the day we’ll be running a series of blog posts on each of the teams, with a basic idea of what their game is going to involve. Until then, keep an eye on the usual channels!

For photos and links to the Scottish Game Jam social media site, read this blog post in full at http://jonsykes.com/sgj/?p=177


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