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SGJ 2010: Games Taking Shape


Just under 24 hours into the 48-hour love-in at Glasgow Caledonian University and our nine teams of jammers are making a lot of progress.

If you’ve already looked at the team biographies on ScottishGameJam.org you might have an idea of what to expect at the end of the road but astonishingly most of these games are taking on a playable or near-playable state both graphically and in the maturity of their coding.

Oh, and Gianna Cassidy from Caledonian University made us some adorable cupcakes that are just far too nice to eat. Seriously. They’re adorable.

We’ve been able to jump between some of the teams and grab some screens and some videos, and we can share some photos with you now in yet another handy Flickr photoset. In it you can see a screenshot from Ghostlighting and How Do I Shot Web? and see some art from Panda Dragoon taking shape. All this in 24 hours…we’re expecting some seriously brilliant stuff at the end of the Jam.

Keep an eye on the usual channels (@scottishgamejam on Twitter and ScottishGameJam.org) for more SGJ news!

Read the full entry (including photos) at www.scottishgamejam.org!


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