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SGJ 2010: Generating Graphics


The 9th hour of the Scottish Game Jam is underway and it's become a little too much for some of us as the Sandman takes hold which is, of course, a massive shame and nothing we should poke fun at at all. If we ignore the photo accompanying this post, anyway.

Anyway, 8 hours into the Jam and ideas have gone from whiteboard planning to solid coding efforts and we're beginning to see some graphics take form as each team's artists get to work. We've even managed to pester some of the jammers enough to let us see some of their graphics. At one end of the scale we have direct screengrabs from within the games already, and at the other we have sprites from the teams who aren't quite ready to show us their games in action.

That said, 8 hours into the Jam is very early days...have a look at the screengrabs and sprites in the Flickr set here: http://is.gd/7kJbR

Keep an eye on the @scottishgamejam Twitter feed and the Scottish Game Jam website at http://scottishgamejam.org too for more updates as the days go on!


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