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Chemical ReaXion

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A mad scientist has planted a chemical bomb in the sewers below city hall. It consists of two chemicals which explode when mixed. Use your nano laser to destroy all of one chemical and stop a deadly CHEMICAL REAXION! Survive until the bomb squad arrives.

Red and Blue explode on impact. It hurts.
Destroy all of a single color to clear the level.
Survive for 5 minutes.

Move the mouse to control the Nano Tank.
Click to shoot.


Bailout Madness

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After debating several very literal takes on the game design adjective given, slippery, we eventually decided on something more tongue-in-cheek.

Bailout Madness is a single player, top down, score/collection based game. You are an agent for a major American corporation and the U.S. Treasury has been throwing sacks of bailout cash onto the streets of Washington D.C. Watch out for the auditors and stash away as much as you can in 5 minutes. Don't get too greedy or risk being caught! Or, take a chance... you might just slip by!

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World War Tree: Seeds of Destruction

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World War Tree: Seeds of Destruction is the premier strategic arboreal combat simulation. Two trees stand alone in a field, a field of war! Each desires the light from the sun that the other craves, and they will wage the secret war unseen by man to ensure that there is one, and only one, tree left standing.

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Protect your egg from ice-skating penguin neighbors. Don't let it fall off the edge!

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Penguin Force

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Your goal is to move your herd of penguins to the igloo at the end of the course. There is a par for every course, you must get at least this many penguins alive into the igloo. You coerce the penguins into moving by dropping fish waypoints.

Avoid holes, thin ice, and polar bears. They kill penguins.

You can drop sand traps to slow down bears and penguins, ice traps to speed things up. Use the siren to order your penguins to scatter.

Click here to download: http://www.thetomesdomain.com/games/penguinforce.zip


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