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Caracas, Venezuela

Ven Conmigo Baby

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Your mission as an insane woman is to take the kid out of the hospital without getting caught to ease your pain.

You have a chocolate bar, come near the kid to make him come with you. He will make noises and nurses will notice. Because they think you are insane (we all know it's not true) they will try to stop you by all means.

If you get away from him he will stop making noises and nurses will think you are no danger.

You have 5 minutes to get the kid out of the hospital and be a happy mother again.

1.0 beta
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Gnaka-Gnaka is a fast paced space shooter with a moral dilemma, where up to four players play simultaneously to extract a planet resources while fighting the planet inhabitants who try to defend it. The goal of the game is to consume the planet while killing everyone who stands in your way, that is, if you choose to play it that way. Players must all work toghether to extract the resources, forming a single energy lifeform, while extracting resources they will reload ammo but will not be able to shoot.


MoonShine Battle

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As long as light & dark exists, there will be a confrontation between them, as the good vs. evil battle. The suns represent the light, and your objective is to prevent the darkness, the moons, to consume the entire space.
Be carefull, moons & suns can move really fast, and the darkness can blind you, literally.

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Directional keys - Move the virus
ESCAPE key - Exit The Virus

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Hasta que la gente nos separe - 'Til people do us apart

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'Til people do us apart is a game based on a couple that struggles against people in order to survive. They don't know why, but people don't want them together.

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