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Erlangen, Germany

Atomic Exit

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Create your own Atomic Exit strategy on your iPhone!

Faced with molecules bouncing back and forth between walls and obstacles players have to guide these particles to the given exit holes within a set timeframe. However, as long as the atoms still form an intact molecule the exit holes are just too small.

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At Traction

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At Traction - a game about distance

This abstract subatomic-level physic-based puzzle game tells us about the blessings as well as the perils of being attracted. The idea is simple: get the matter quarks (white spheres) to the matter traps (yellow spheres).
Unfortunately you cannot move your quarks directly. You rather influence their paths by moving several antimatter attractors (red, green and blue spheres). Not only matter but also time is an issue in this game - and one thing is certain: it never takes longer than 5 minutes.

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Pi and Pa. Are they boy or girl? Surely they are neither cucumber nor tomato. They are sooo clever. They left their prison cell behind. They see their balloon above the roofs. They know: No one will stop us! Never! But they have no time, the police is not far away, their shackle is tight and heavy.

PiPa is a cooperative jump’n’run game for 2 players. Lets go up. Lets go to the roof. One player may hold the other. Do not draw your buddy down to the cobbles! Pi and Pa stick together... Cause they have to!


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