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Wiki Paths

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A link based scavenger hunt in which players explore paths between disparate Wikipedia topics



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A scientist and his clone enter; only one man may leave.


MatErialism @ 9.8m/s2

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Guy hoped it would be a regular trip to the Maple Syrup convention in Canada. When a goose flies into the engine, all hell breaks loose - and there's only one parachute. Free fall through the sky as you reach for the one life-saving parachute, while taking your frustrations out on the other passengers' luggage. But don't take too much time! The ground is getting closer every second. Hours of fun, 5 minutes to live.

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Pendulum 'Pocalypse

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The world has come to an end and you and your clan are the last of humanity left on earth. With everything out to destroy your existence and netherworld welcoming you with open arms, you are left to defend humanity with objects falling from the sky. You are the invisible hand that controls the fate of mankind, whether you are their savior or apollyon.

Game requires a 1GHz PC running Windows 2000/XP (other platforms untested).

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Lucid is a game where a young boy, Hermin, is guided by his dreams to a moment of inspiration. You control a dream cloud that determines Hermin's path, connected by thought bubbles. On his way, Hermin faces "mental" obstacles, or black blocks and walls, that will wake Hermin from his dream. Along the way you help Hermin collect building blocks in order to realize his inspiration.

You can download to play or go to:


1.0 Beta
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Off With Her Head

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"Off With Her Head" is part of a series of games I've been working on for the past year driven by interactive dialogue. Here, the art of conversation takes the form of turn-based RPG style battle gameplay, as the player assumes the role of an Executioner in an Arabian Nights-style fable, tasked with beheading all the women in a faraway kingdom who refuse to join the King's harem. Besides here, the game can also be played at www.designersdilemma.wordpress.com.

Work In Progress

From A to Z and Back Again: A real-time zombie survival text adventure.

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In FROM A-TO-Z AND BACK AGAIN you strive to survive for an entire minute against ravening hordes of zombies. One minute may not seem like long, but there are a lot of zombies and you're running out of ammo. It probably doesn't help that the aging defense system that protects your building is even more poorly documented than most government software.

Good luck.

FROM A-TO-Z AND BACK AGAIN is a real-time text based strategy game, and an experiment in the Inform 6 language.

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