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Catch a Man

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You are a woman that want to get married, for that you need to catch a man. Go ahead, put some objetcts in the environment and try to catch a man.


Tribal Snake: together we never fall

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As the game "Snake", but the snake is made up of tribal warriors in line. When the player attacks, all members of the "tribal snake" charges and attack at the same time. If the group suffers the attack of a wolf, a member is lost. If all members die the game is over. So you must collect more members across the scene (before the wolves kill then) increasing the "tribal snake." The higher it is, the more opportunities to fight the wolves.


Escape the Drain

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You control a cute dude-cockroach trapped in a drain with it's lady-spider friend, lazy as hell, attached to you by her web. But it's a bathroom drain and there's someone taking a shower. The drain is flooding! You need to escape with your friend!

..at least the singing is good. :)



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Pass through the circles to complete the correct formation to gain points over the most beatiful cities of the World.

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These Ain´t Ants

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A idéia central do jogo é que juntos os personagens, se esforçando, são capazes de resolver os maiores problemas que lhes aparecerem. São quatro personagens, pequenas formigas humanóides (o enfesado Almik, a corajosa Landra, a meiga Cléia, e o inteligente Fel), que devem utilizar suas diferentes habilidades vindas de seus apetrechos tecnológicos para vencerem os obstáculos e desafios de uma travessia por um picnic, recolhendo alimentos, para distribuí-los à crianças que estão perdidas na floresta.


Keep It

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Return the animals to the forest. Help to save the world.


It Came From The Cave

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A miner arrives in a cave and its entrance gets obstructed by stones. In order to leave it, the miner has placed a TNT and needs to survive inside during this time. The problem is that the cave is full of monsters willing to eat anything that lives (including themselves) and he has no weapon to deal with it.

In this 2D game, the player must run away from the monsters and, once the TNT explodes, he must leave the cave before it collapses.


Gum 'o' Flavor

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'o' Flavor is a tinny bubble gum who lives in the candy world but he don´t have any flavour and sweetyness. The mission is help him take all the sugar and tastes to become a Tutti-Frutti gum himself!

Pac-Man game based made in XNA, every time you reach near a sugar bag or a taste, some trouble will happen. Mouths can run towards you, and bite, shoes can hit you... so, its kind of a adventure to bring the happines back!


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