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Smuggler's delight

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Game Information
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Windows XP or Vista
Platform or System: 
Windows 7
Platform note: 
Programmed in C#
Short Introduction: 
Smuggler's delight is a side scrolling action/avoidance game in which you play a smuggler on the run from the Cops at an airport. Dodge the Cops, avoid knocking over civilians, and jump over luggage. You can temporarily shake the cops by blending in with a crowd. How long can you stay on the run?

Submitted at Dutch Game Garden (Netherlands)

Wasting time at the airport


After having arrived early this morning (4 hours before flight) I'm kinda getting restless. This is my third Nordic Game Jam (part of the global game jam, in fact the point of origin for the whole thing) and I've been counting the hours since I signed up in early December. I have prepared both mentally and equipment wise and feel confident this will be even more fun than the last two I attended (2007-2008). Peter Molyneux aka God is even speaking as keynote, which I'm realy looking forward to.

Damn still one hour to flight, why didn't I bring my DS, doh!

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