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18 Hours In


18 hours ago four brave juniors at Champlain College undertook the game jam challenge. Taking their designated theme of "Deception" and combining all 3 constraints of the project is: Hello Dali! Incorporating three different Dali paintings into one landscape, objects have sprung out of their place in the painting and roam free. As Dali, the player must sneak up on the living objects by blending into and out of the painting and capturing them up close.

7:30 pm


Less than 24 hours to go, our major game mechanic is working, sounds are recorded and assets are being finished off, probably our biggest job now is getting the assets finished them getting them into the game, after that it's things that aren't that big and/or things that can be dropped if it's getting too close to the deadline.

I think at this time in the weekend this is a pretty promising place to be, we even have an achievement or two in our reach so roll on tomorrow.

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